Transformational change – Embrace the growing pains… what’s your story?

Serial entrepreneurs and inspirational leaders such a Richard Branson, Vishen Lakhiani, Marisa Peer and Steve Jobs have spoken many a wise word about their learning’s and insights as they’ve grown their respective multi-million dollar global empires; the latter is quoted as saying…

“Follow your heart and intuition. Somehow they already know what you truly want to become.”

My question is ‘How many of us do this?’ – Do we really follow our heart and listen to what our internal compass is telling us? I’ve often thought ‘Am I on the right path?’ and ‘Am I bringing the best me to the table?’ – When I’m tuned into my intuition, when I’m fully aware and super-conscious, I find it’s almost impossible not to follow. However, at other times questions arise – do I go left, do I go right, or simply ignore what I’m hearing and plough straight ahead because it’s familiar?

Follow your intuition

In many situations – both personal and professional – I’ve had a feeling, some may call it gut instinct, others a flash of intuition, that I’ve chosen to follow or ignore in a split second. Needless to say, every time I’ve chosen to ignore it, it’s backfired.

I was told whilst growing up ‘don’t be selfish – think of others first’ and whilst I value advice, often times it’s not advice I was seeking, but more to be really heard and listened to. Those who have experienced coaching will know what I mean by this.

Insights for everyday

Personal development has always interested me and over the last four years or so I’ve created the opportunity, along with the time and money, to really invest and explore – it’s been an incredible journey to date and one that I know will continue to evolve.

During that time I’ve come up against some opposition – people who don’t value or understand personal development, and those that have been curious to know more – thankfully the latter has been more prominent; an open mindset certainly generates more insightful and engaging conversations.

Fundamentally I guess you can say it’s about finding the ‘essence’ of who we are, through behaviours, words, thoughts, feelings, images, experiences, and looking at what they evoke and create. Similarly you could say it’s about finding a kind of people – a tribe who share your values and beliefs – who enable you to explore and be the real you.

When people can feel you through what it is that you are doing, and creating, it enables a new level of connection and a new level of relationship – the kind of relationship that delivers new insights every day.

Find your personal brand voice

Brand identities are built on visions, values, beliefs – and these criteria can equally apply to businesses as they do to individuals.

I believe we live in a world where finding our tribe is so much more important than material things that give momentary pleasure. I want to attract people that resonate with me, where our moral compass is in tune – because it makes me feel real and connected.

Moreover, I believe people invest in people because of who they are, the stories they tell, the insights they share, and the knowledge they bring to the table – people buy based on what they want to become and achieve.

Therefore it’s essential to live in the fullness of our potential and find our brand voice – when you do you’ll find fluid, natural synchronicities start to happen.

Be curious and inquisitive

Focusing on personal development and coaching has been truly transformational, so much so I’m now a MOE Foundation certified coach. It unlocks our potential, enables us to tune into our intuition, gives real insight, and helps us to make the right choices on what’s true, and to create what we love in all areas of our lives.

Having completed an NLP Diploma in January I’m now half way through my NLP Practitioner. Why do I continue to study? Because I love learning, I’m inquisitive about how our brains are wired, and I’m keen to discover and understand a range of tools and techniques to better serve myself, and my clients.

Focus on your end result

When we have an end result to focus on and a goal in mind, we’re actively drawn towards something that motivates us and ultimately will serve us, rather than moving away from something – be that an environment, person or place – that doesn’t. In this mindset our energy propels us forward, we have a real sense that what we are doing will nourish our soul; benefit ourselves, and also those around us – colleagues, family, friends, neighbours and the wider community.

Be in alignment with you

We’re way beyond a time where people buy just information or products or services, because they need that information or that product or those services. No matter how good the product or service is, people buy in to people.

Become more congruent in the way you present yourself both online and offline – be prepared to stand out, because when you are that one person, saying the same thing, in the same way as everybody else, nobody is really paying attention.

It’s no longer enough just to be awesome at what you do – it’s really about who you are and how you make people feel – this is what people remember; this is what makes you stand out.

In other words 

Recognise the growing pains and hang with the tension – think of emotion as ‘energy in motion’. Give to yourself, be in alignment with you, refocus your energy and create what you love. Leave footprints of love and kindness wherever you go and be the type of person you want to be – shine brilliantly and lead change to a positive future.

Let’s work together

If you are struggling to connect with your target audience, are looking to raise brand awareness and equity, and want to develop your brand strategy to take your business to the next level, then it would good to talk so I can understand the bigger picture and help you solve your marketing challenges.

I’m always keen to meet with decision makers and speak with people who are passionate about their business, especially when they are seeking to make a positive difference in the world.

Email me at

1 thought on “Transformational change – Embrace the growing pains… what’s your story?

  1. Well you obviously follow your own words
    Keep trying & achieving.
    Well done & good luck.


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