Areas of Expertise

In a world that’s ever-changing, and where technology continues to evolve and be a great ‘enabler’, people still buy into people – seeking a ‘real’ human interaction, experience and connection.

To deliver excellent work I believe it’s essential to connect and build relationships with people who are passionate and love what they do. This passion, when combined with the structure outlined in my four pillars of growth, provides the essential framework to grow and expand your business.

Brand Strategy – Your brands DNA  

Deliver a brand experience that’s memorable for all the right reasons 

Your brand is extremely powerful, it has the power to influence consumers emotions and make connections in their brain that induce a feel-good factor. The purpose of establishing your brand power and building marketing weaponry, is to create differentiation and stand out from your competition, which ultimately make the sales process a lot easier. The emotions triggered and the consumer experience delivered by your brand will ultimately create loyal customers, which in turn creates market share, and strength in your market to drive profitability.

  • Memorability equals virality
  • Guidelines and messaging
  • Collaborative partnerships
  • Build brand awareness, equity and value
  • Drive competitor advantage

Marketing and Sales – Differentiate and stand out 

Know your target customer and become the market leader

There’s a staggering amount of competition out there so it’s essential for your sales and marketing activity to be aligned to support business growth. Your brand vision is a big component in driving outbound activity, and your brand values act like an anchor when creating your strategy. To orientate your business and underpin business development, make it your goal to understand the wants and needs of your customers, and how best to serve them.

  • Align commercial strategy
  • Drive sales and lead generation
  • Strategic research to gain market intelligence
  • Content, asset and collateral production
  • Budget planning & forecasting

Consistent Communication – Create a memorable experience 

Create connection, be consistent with your brand cross-channel

Every time a consumer interacts with your brand it’s considered a touchpoint. It’s essential for communications to be consistent and ‘on brand’ across all touch-points, both on and offline. At every opportunity your objective is to be distinctive. Create communications that flow and reflect your brands vision, position and personality, and your products and services. The human brain processes colour immediately after shape, and before content, so consider your language and visual assets as consistency needs to run seamlessly throughout all pieces of collateral, be that social, email, brochure ware, online, to connect with your target audience.

  • Outline a clear strategic approach
  • Thought leadership to drive the conversation
  • Messaging that connects and speaks to your audience
  • PR pipeline of newsworthy stories
  • Multi-channel approach

Coaching and Mentoring – Empower, transform, lead

Build a strong team, shift from survive to thrive 

Connection and communication are what makes our relationships successful. Feel inspired – investing in a coach and mentor creates the new structures required to take your brand, your employees, and you as an individual, to the next level. As a trained coach and NLP Practitioner, I find it’s extremely rewarding to be part of your journey, my clients find it extremely rewarding too. Gaining clarity on your business and personal goals, and utilising soft skills to facilitate change, enables transformation.

  • Get back in the driving seat
  • Expand current thinking
  • Gain clarity on your end result
  • Overcome barriers
  • Tune in and listen to your intuition

Let’s work together

If you are struggling to connect with your target audience, are looking to raise brand awareness and equity, and want to develop your brand strategy to take your business to the next level, then it would good to talk so I can understand the bigger picture and help you solve your marketing challenges.

I’m always keen to meet with decision makers and speak with people who are passionate about their business, especially when they are seeking to make a positive difference in the world.

Email me at

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